10 Job Titles for the Future

There has been a lot of talk about jobs that have disappeared, never to return again. But as well-paid manufacturing positions evaporate, travel agents go virtual and video store managers are replaced by Netflix, opportunities are popping up in newly created fields. Let’s have a look at 10 such new job titles.

1) Nursing Informatics Analyst – So you thought being a doctor is the only cool thing to do in medicine? Think again. Introducing the Nursing Informatics Analyst, who is responsible for supporting clinical documentation processes and applications. It also pays a decent salary, which varies from $48,000 to $65,000 annually.

2) Data Scientist – Has working with huge amounts of data always made you cringe? Well, now you don’t have to worry. Data Scientists are the new breed of analysts specialized to deal with data. The job profile involves collecting data, analyzing it and delivering the data as intelligence that is actionable. Continue reading

Eating Well in the Recession

Woodlawn resident Cameron Miles, 30, is a self-proclaimed foodie.  She moved to New York in 2004 to be a dancer and works in restaurants between gigs.

The economic downturn has meant fewer shows and shorter hours at her job as an office assistant at Del Frisco’s Steakhouse, as many Americans have cut back on the luxury of dining out.  According toa recent survey in the economist, US consumer spending on food decreased by almost 10 percent in 2010.

Miles is bucking this budgetary approach, saying she is determined to eat well despite a decreased cash flow.  But she is budget-conscious in her own way. She is big on cooking at home, and has several tricks up her sleeve for making the most of her daily meals.

The strategy she is most adamant about?  Making a list and planning in advance. Continue reading

From hoops to hire – Will the Barclays Center create jobs for Brooklyn residents?

Construction is underway for the new Barclays Center on Atlantic Avenue, and Brooklyn residents will soon have a new sports team, the Brooklyn Nets.

The Barclays Center website says the arena “will be a community centerpiece” for Brooklyn, and will offer local concerts and high school basketball games in addition to NBA events.

According to the Associated Press, part-owner Jay-Z announced plans to open the venue with a series of concerts next year.

The Brooklyn skyline will change, but will local economy improve? Can the new arena create jobs for Brooklyn residents in a down economy?

In a recent post, I spoke to Jose Reyes, a 28-year-old from Brooklyn about job creation in Sunset Park. Jose believes the new Barclays Center could boost the Brooklyn’s economy and potentially offer new jobs to people in his neighborhood. Continue reading

Finding Work Isn’t Easy– Even for the Educated

It used to be pretty straightforward for young students: graduate high school, go to college, find a good job. But in today’s economy, it’s not such a sure thing.

These stories shed light on some of the attitudes and coping mechanisms current and former college graduates face in a declining jobs market: Continue reading