How do You Choose a Quality Online Degree to Get that Next Job?

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There are over 1,000 online degree programs, according to the Online Education Database (OEDb). If you’re jobless, or simply looking to expand your career horizon with online training, deciding to get started is the easiest decision. Choosing a program is where things get complicated.

Job seekers are not only lining up for interviews. U.S. News reports that jobless Americans are overwhelming retraining programs across the nation as well.

Just last week, we provided a quick list of online resources to looks at, but that’s only the beginning. U.S. News also covered the subject by focusing on career paths with promising growth prospects. Continue reading

Finding Work Isn’t Easy– Even for the Educated

It used to be pretty straightforward for young students: graduate high school, go to college, find a good job. But in today’s economy, it’s not such a sure thing.

These stories shed light on some of the attitudes and coping mechanisms current and former college graduates face in a declining jobs market: Continue reading