The Swoosh of Her Own Brush

It’s a good time for makeup.

Cosmetic company L’Oreal saw a 10 percent profit increase this past year. During tough financial times, people tend to purchase inexpensive items — a century-old concept called the Lipstick Effect. For Brooklyn makeup artist Doris Dweck, a new lipstick means more than a happy wallet.

Dweck, 22, works as a Judaic studies teacher in the Syrian Jewish community of Midwood. Outside of the classroom at orthodox Barkai Yeshiva, she spends most nights applying makeup for community women. Like a lot of her clients, Dweck dresses according to customary modesty standards– skirts below the knee and sleeves past the elbow. Frustrated with her conservative wardrobe and restrictive community expectations, Dweck found a happy-medium at the counters of Mac.

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